Spray Technology Field Day – Trangie 6 September 2018

We hosted a Spray Technology Field Day at Trangie Research Centre on Thursday 9 September 2018.  It was standing room only for the crowd of 180 attendees whom were present to participate in Bill Gordon’s first presentation.  Information addressed on the day included sessions covering:-

  • The Darling Downs experience – an insight to the issues facing Queensland community experience off-target drift and how they worked together to reduce the impact, presented by Rob Taylor.
  • Spray conditions – presented by industry expert, Bill Gordon.
  • Nozzle size and boom height – presented in the field by Dave Farmer of Croplands.
  • Adjuvants – presented by Nufarm.
  • Equipment available – presented by Widelands, Chesterfield, Sprayer Barn and Western Farm Machinery.

As well as educating growers and spray applicators on the importance of nozzle choice, boom height and an understanding of the right conditions, the field day gave farmers a social outing and a chance to connect with other people facing tough drought conditions.  These connections and the level of interaction within the local community are immeasurable in such challenging times for rural areas.

A total of 19 exhibitors were present at the field day and would like to extend our gratitude to:-

  • Chesterfield
  • Croplands
  • Cotton Info & Cotton Seed Distributors
  • Delta Ag
  • Elders
  • FMC
  • Goanna Telemetry
  • Landmark
  • Local Land Services
  • NSW Department of Primary Industries
  • NSW Farmers
  • Nufarm
  • Sprayer Barn
  • Sustainable Soils Management
  • Tocal College
  • VicChem
  • Western Farm Machinery
  • Wideland Ag & Construction
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