SOS Beer & Bangers Sessions

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The first series of events held by SOS Macquarie Valley were Beer and Banger nights held at Nevertire Hotel on 6th March 2018, Collie Hotel on 7th March 2018, Marthaguy Hall on 8th March 2018, Narromine Golf Club on 14th March and Armatree Hotel on 15th March 2018.  At these events presentations were made by Mary O’Brien “Spray Drift Girl” and Harry Pickering of Adama and were informal gatherings used to initiate the importance of spraying under the right conditions to stop off target drift.  More than 1200  farmers, spray contractors, advisors and consultants attended these events and were hugely successful in sharing the right messages about the importance of adhering to label and not spraying during an inversion.

Beern & bangers flyer

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